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Who we are: 

At the Downtown Denver Expeditionary School, we believe that how children learn is just as important as what they learn.

Our curriculum is designed around expeditions – interactive, hands-on projects that spark curiosity, promote active learning, encourage teamwork, build character, and capitalize on children’s innate spirit of adventure.

By undertaking comprehensive studies of real-world issues, students learn to make connections, understand diverse perspectives, develop conclusions, and generalize big ideas.IMG_2006

What we offer:

  •  K-5 Denver Public Elementary School 

  • Highly-qualified faculty – grounded in Expeditionary Learning and skillful teaching

  • Commitment to education of the whole child: academically, emotionally, socially, and physically

  • Full-Day Kindergarten

  • Before and after school care and enrichment

  • Extensive fieldwork with downtown cultural, environmental, and business institutions

  • Emphasis on Arts Integration

  • Adventure and Fitness Program

  • Innovative learning facility designed for hands-on exploration

Latest News: DanielsFund_MediaRelease_5.21.14

Email: frontoffice@ddeschool.org

Phone: 720.424.2350